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What I Learned From My Experiences

My job opportunities have taught me a about my personal qualities and what I am capable of doing. Not only did I earn experiences in different areas, but I also gained life skills that will help me for my future career and my life. I  learned to think on my feet, remain patient no matter the circumstance, be confident in my decisions, admit and learn from my mistakes, and enlist the help of others when I need it. These situations have also helped me identify my weaknesses and work on them to turn them into strengths. I undertake any challenge or project given to me, and I see to it that I complete it on time. An important lesson I learned was how to work with my peers and coworkers without coming off as superior or inferior to others, and without being condescending or rude. With my experiences and my personality, I believe that I am an ideal candidate for a position in health care, and more specifically as a physician. I have gained knowledge about the world of medicine and medical treatment, which will help me in my path to becoming a doctor. The tabs below "Work Experience" allows you to read and learn more about the different jobs I have done, including my positions as a research assistant, a desk assistant, a sales associate at Macy's, a volunteer EMT, an intern at CHLA, and a peer tutor, lab aide, and a student instructor at Learning Services at the Mount.

Along with the work experiences I have listed in my portfolio, below you can find my resumé with a complete list of all of my work experiences, awards, and skills.

Camille's Resumé

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