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Peer Tutor at Learning Services

Start Date  January 9, 2012

Learning Services offers a large variety of programs designed to help students succeed in their studies.  They provide peer tutoring, as well as individual study strategies instruction.  Through Learning Services, students can gain skills in such areas as time management, organization, note taking, test taking, and learning and memory strategies.

As a Peet Tutor, I helped students in French and Organic Chemistry. I have always loved teaching and helping others understand subjects I love. Organic Chemistry has been my favorite subject to tutor in. I love chemistry, and so I enjoy helping others who are struggling understand it and begin to love it. I make sure to never rush my tutees, and incorporate creative ways to help them understand the material. This position has helped me gain patience and developed my communication skills.

Student Instructor

Start Date  August 24, 2015

My senior year of college, I became the Student Instructor (SI) for Biochemistry. I had taken the course the year before, and excelled in the class. I also thoroughly enjoyed learning about the subject. However, when I took the class I noticed that many of my peers suffered in the class since there was no SI at the time. Therefore, I took it upon myself to ask my professor to become the SI to help her and her students that semester. I love teaching and helping others, so I enjoyed being able to help others understand biochemistry and feel prepared for the exams.

Lab Aide

Start Date  January 18, 2016

After taking Molecular and Cellular Biology, my professor had asked me to assist a fellow student to prepare the lab work for her wet lab classes for Molecular and Cellular Biology, and Microbiology. I was honored to be offered the position, and I am glad I accepted. By preparing for her labs, I have learned to initiative and how to set up the lab for different protocols. I now feel much more comfortable setting up for an experiment and to be left to my own devices when planning it all out.

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