This opportunity was one of the greatest experiences I was able to have during my college career. Children's Hospital of Los Angeles (CHLA) hosts Observership programs for students interested in the medical field. I was lucky enough to obtain an observership twice, one in the summer of 2013 and another in the summer of 2015. I shadowed a different pediatrician each day I was there. I was able to have a closer insight to what it was like being a doctor. Between constantly staying on your feet and dealing with sick or scared children, I loved shadowing these doctors. The longer I stayed, the more comfortable they became with me shadowing them and helping them with physical exams. I received hands on experience during annual check-ups and other doctor visits. As my time there continued, I was lucky enough to find my way up on the surgery ward to observe my first surgery. It was an incredible moment. To see a surgery while I want to become a surgeon, that feeling cannot be described. Since I loved being on that floor so much, the staff allowed me to stay longer to see neurosurgeries, which is what I want to do. I learned so much about the field I want to work in after this experience, and I cannot wait to start.