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Getting Involved

I have always been the type of person to get involved in many activities. Between school and work, I always wanted to take part in my community any way I can. In High School, along with one of my closest friends, I created a "Zombie Club" to discuss science fiction creatures and create short movies. I was also involved in my school's photography club, volleyball team, theater class, and the secretary of our "Green Team" sponsored by Green Peace. In college, I felt the same need to get involved. I am part of a multitude of clubs, but I highlighted my strongest and my most proud activities. I believe that these experiences have helped me grow as an individual and develop my time management, as well as become more social and and confident in myself.

Getting involved in different activities have also taught me about my role as a leader. Not only did I learn this from my experiences through honor societies and being a member of the School of Natural Science and Mathematics Student Advisory Board, but I was able to see this through my leadership paper listed below.

Leadership Paper

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