My name is Camille Werzowa, and I am a student at Mount St Mary's University. I will also earn a B.S. in both Biochemistry and Chemistry by May 2016, with a minor in French. I come from a European household, where my father is Austrian and my mother is French. I grew up in Los Angeles, CA, but I hope to start the next chapter in my life on the East Coast. I am currently seeking to complete a Master's in Chemistry, and then enrolling in a Medical School to eventually become a neurosurgeon.

During my time at Mount St. Mary's University, I received training in various techniques. In the Microbiology/Biochemistry laboratory, I conducted experiments using cancer and primary cells. I gained experience following protocols, as well as analyzing and summarizing data. Throughout the experiments I performed, I had to keep detailed and organized notes concerning what was done in the laboratory. As my research progressed, I learned how to trouble-shoot and overcome various problems that would arise during my experiments.

After two years in the laboratory, I joined an Inorganic Chemistry laboratory at Mount St. Mary's University to deepen my knowledge in the chemical field. I began with small-scale experiments, and gradually began performing bigger experiments. With the extensive equipment at Mount St. Mary's, I was able to understand how the various analysis instruments worked and how to understand the data they produced. My time in the chemical laboratory helped me become more comfortable around toxic and water or air sensitive chemicals, and manipulating them under an inert gas atmosphere.

In addition to the skills learned during in the laboratory, I have excellent spoken and written communication skills. I can work alone or in a team, as well as complete needed tasks on schedule. I am responsible and organized. I am proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, Logger Pro, ImageJ, BioRad, and RStudio programs. I can handle and protect sensitive and confidential data with integrity.

Thank you for taking the time to look through my portfolio. Please email me if there is anything you would like me to elaborate on, or if you have any questions.